Mr. Raj Kumar Pandey was born on 04/01/1985. His father’s name is Mr. Ramdhar Pandey and his mother’s name is Mrs. Mayadevi. He was born at Nari Pachdeva, Ghazipur district of Uttar Pradesh. Mr. Raj Kumar is a businessman and one of the famous personalities of the Purvanchal. Mr. RaJ Kumar is famous in Purvanchal only because of kind heartedness and for welfare of the people.

Early Life

During his earlier age, due to socio-economic condition of his family, his life was full of struggle and in the compulsion of same, he completed his studies till class 12th. Like an ordinary brain, bearing the dreams of getting an Indian army job, he couldn’t succeed due to anti-social elements of the society bearing the anti-social thoughts. He faced mental and physical harassment, that insisted him to drop off his preparation for the army job and return to Delhi.
Leaving behind the beloved family and relatives, it was never an easy job for Raj Kumar to leave his native. But the unfavorable situation, depicting the influence of anti-social elements and the survival challenge, forced him to look for another option.
While in Delhi, he continued his studies along with the part-time job as the security supervisor in the private company in year 2005. Where due to unfriendly company policy to employees, he faced several challenges and was struggling till then. He was bonded on mere salary, unnecessary overtime, unsupportive management and bad environment, that made him the victim of the exploitation by the employer.


“The mother nature did not know, she was examining the vibrant mind in the ordinary soul…..”
The dedication, honesty and passion to fight with the odds, made him more confident and brighter a bit every day.
His some of the friends and colleagues, who were known about the situation, suggested him to leave the current engagement at the earliest and suggested him to look for another opportunity.
Later, getting motivation and strengths from the odds, he opened his own establishment with 4 people. The struggling cloud was still not over. During the earlier days of his establishment, due to low workforce and challenges, being the owner, he didn’t ashamed to work on ground level.
His attitude, vision towards the life and goal made him more respectable in society and gave him the strength to conquer the odds.
As per him, the personality shouldn’t be judged by the nature of work they perform. And one should not be ashamed of performing any level of work. It was his hard dedication, commitment and the value he created that in year 2010, his own establishment grew till 200 workforce that again rose to 1200-1500 in year 2018.
Someone says it well also….
"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." It was Raj Kumar’s hard dedication to achieve the goal and high morale, that made him the winner by overcoming all the difficult or odd situations during his struggling phase.
He could settle for the least, but he didn’t. He always looked for the perfection and the sky were the limit. That made him the shinning star and the role model.
With passing time, he became socially and financially strong, with his flourishing name across the society. Raj Kumar was no where an ordinary name now. During his revisit to home, in year 2010 directly after 5 years, he contributed his efforts towards betterment of the society, by addressing the common issues of the society in terms of living conditions, municipal operations, that could be addressed with the cooperation of the local administration. He helped his locality people to stay safe and secured, by establishing the police station, with the help of local administration.
His valuable contribution towards the society, made his name a brand in Purvanchal. Under his leadership, his native society felt themselves proud and gradually he became the guardian of the society. What could better explain the point, when his region folks start contacting him for advice and instructions.
Going forward, he founded – “Purvanchal Yuva Morcha Sangathan”, targeting the welfare of the native of Purvanchal society. The main purpose of the Sangathan is to be the voices of the exploited and downtrodden. With this aim he added the motivated, dedicated and promised youngsters like him who had the hard-core flares of the feelings to serve the society selflessly – without any self-motive. At present, he is the National President of Purvanchal Yuva Morcha Sangathan.
Taking along the youths of whole country he has started a mission named “Mission Insaaniyat” , which focuses on the day to day problems of the poor and underprivileged class. It has been formed with the vision of providing solutions to the socio, economic, cultural and legal problems the poor. Such as providing education to the children with giving importance to girls and women education, distributing stationaries or infrastructural development of the educational institutions.
Mr. Raj Kumar has always took a forward step towards service of society. Be it blanket distribution, food distribution of stationary distribution, monetary assistance for healthcare, education and marriages of girls , he had always took an active participation. He also helps the poor and downtrodden in proving legal aid and assistance.
He has always worked as a pressure group for the government officials. He has also ensure the proper implementation of the government policies in his constituency. His established organization, of the young folks, worked on the ground level to discharge the moral responsibility towards the society, by flourishing the lessons of love and service, establishing the bond of love and humanity among different casts and religions in the society. Today this noble group has the support of more than 1000 youngsters, who are discharging their duties towards the betterment of the society across the time.
Today, Raj Kumar is not just a success brand, in terms of wealth he acquired across the milestone of age he attained, but the symbol of simplicity, kindness, noble thoughts. His valuable contribution towards the society, has made him a great champion, winning thousands of the hearts across the region. Under his banner, he helped the poor and deprived part of the society with their children’s’ education. Not only one, but continuing with his series, he also provided the best quality of the medical assistance to the financially weak family. In addition to this, provided the job assistance to the several unemployed youths and helped them to become the financially strong and come forward with the confidence.
Beside that, he also built several temples and handed over them to the society. Organized the Chhath Puja and Diwali celebration programs, where he distributed the Diwali essentials to the poor families, so that they can celebrate the festival with the great joy.


With the mission and vision of creating a prosperous, equal and just society where every individual will be treated with dignity and equality for which Mr. Raj Kumar is working tirelessly. He also believes that with consistent effort, right support and guidance and perseverance he along with his team will be able to do so.

Always ready for you !